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Examination is a way to test knowledge at different levels of education. In most cases, the tests are done by the students themselves, but there are also those who buy these works by ordering on special sites.

Examination is a certain type of testing, the result of which reveals the level of knowledge in a particular area, which will be useful to the students themselves in the future. Therefore, ordering work, students cheat in the first place themselves.

To create a quality test, there is a certain algorithm.

Theme. It is important to understand the essence of the work, its theme. To do this, you need to re-read it and make a plan point by point. The plan will help to competently solve both practical and theoretical part.

The material used. Having understood the topic of the test, you need to select training material from which information will be withdrawn for the performance of tasks. You can make notes from the selected literature, but you need to choose the main phrases, not whole paragraphs. Write off the material, even some phrases are not recommended, it is better to rephrase. In some cases, the material is provided by the lecturer himself, in this case the main source must be this material. In addition, there are special techniques (manuals) for each university, it is better to use this source if there is such an opportunity and the lecturer did not give his literature.

In addition to special textbooks, you can use periodicals. There are specialized newspaper and magazine publications in which workers in all spheres can be aware of current events in their industry, where you can also find relevant information. Another indispensable source in our time is the Internet. In it you can find answers to all the questions posed.

Choosing material from several sources, we use the method of comparative analysis. Due to this, the correctness of the structure of the text will have more chances. In addition, it is important to be able to choose more relevant information from several sources, and after a general comparative analysis, combine several thoughts of the author into one of his own.

In most cases (unless specified by the leader), it is necessary to write from the point of view of science – a serious style and footnotes to the literature used. Lyrical digressions, artistic style are not attributes of examinations.

At the end of the control, correct in the last paragraph, you need to write the conclusion (conclusion) of the work and announce the sources that are referenced in the writing.

Examination should have the right look. There is a specific set of rules when writing, which should be considered. With the wrong design of the work, no teacher will put the highest mark, even if the very meaning of the work is done perfectly. As a consequence, it is worth paying particular attention to design.

Phased clearance control work:

Title page. The title page is made first. Top indicates the name of the department and the name of the institution, in the middle (center) – the topic of the test and the subject (discipline). In the lower right corner it is necessary to indicate the surname, name, patronymic of the author, the course and the faculty. But again, if there are special requirements from the head, then the standard rules should be postponed.

The following sheet should have the name “table of contents”. On this page, the distribution of the control work should be phased in stages. Introduction, main part, conclusion. In addition, it is recommended to divide the main part into large sections and to highlight the main ideas in them with bulleted lists. In addition, you need to denumber the page.

Introduction In this part, you can write about the relevance of the topic of the test, it is useful to indicate the purpose of its writing.

Main part. The presentation of general facts, the presentation of theses are possible, examples – in general, in this part, there can be anything that helps to reveal the main topic of the control task.

Conclusion It may be noted the importance of the topic studied, to draw conclusions about the disclosed problem. In addition, if the work requires a comparison of any factors, then you can talk about one thing and then about the other and draw a general conclusion.

Useful tips for solving checklists:

If a group that studies on a parallel stream wrote a test before you, then you can ask what topics were, what the work was about. You can ask drafts and cheat sheets. This will greatly facilitate the writing of your test paper.

In addition, you can take with you to the test work, a certain number of cheat sheets. Most teachers do not greatly change the conditions of the tasks that were held at the lectures before.

If in the control work there are not only theoretical tasks, but also practical ones, then the second should be carried out after the theory, since there are more chances for successful completion of the task.

The printed text of the test also has a certain standard:

  • Text is written only on one side of a sheet of paper whose format is A4.
  • The font is required TimesNewRoman, which size is 14.
  • The interval between the lines and a half.
  • The text color must be black.

The indent between the paragraph is 1.25 cm. The left margin is 30 mm, the right 10 mm, the top and bottom must be the same 20 mm.

If in your work there are drawings, formulas, signs that must be written by hand, then the color of the paste must be black.

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